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Murray State College Curriculum Meet

Posted Date: 02/26/2020

Murray State College Curriculum Meet

Silo students place at the Murray State College Curriculum Meet on Wednesday, February 26th in Tishomingo.  Congratulations to all the Silo students who represented Silo so well.

Algebra I - Josh Trout 5th
Algebra II - Hayden Reeve 1st
Geometry - Emily Farr 4th
Trigonometry - Madison Gordon 1st
Calculus - Madison Gordon 2nd 

American Government - Cord McDonald 2nd
American History - Colton Milks 5th
Oklahoma History - Payci Cloyd 1st
World History - Xavier Polanco 1st 

Expository Writing - Emily Farr 4th
American Literature - Madeline Milks 4th
English Literature - Savanna Shults 3rd
Library Skills - Lucille Ranney 5th 

Anatomy and Physiology - Randi McLarry 1st
General Science - Preston Pratt 1st
Chemistry - Preston Pratt 1st
Physics - Preston Pratt 1st
Oklahoma Wildlife Identification -  Jacob Nelson 2nd 
Behavioral Science - Madison Gordon 2nd 

Computers / Business:
Accounting - Kyla Bunch 3rd
Spreadsheet Applications - Zander Marshall 3rd
Computer Fundamentals -  Alaria Bell 5th
Business Math - Emily Farr 3rd

The Arts and Foreign Languages:
Art Drawing - Hayden Reeve 2nd
Vocal Performance - Kiersten Oakes 3rd
Spanish - Hayden Reeve 2nd 

Ag Business - Maddie Milks 5th

Also representing Silo were Will Talkington and Hailey Weaver.