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Silo Places 3rd Overall in Division 3 at the SOSU Curriculum Contest

Posted Date: 03/30/2022

Silo Places 3rd Overall in Division 3 at the SOSU Curriculum Contest

Silo placed 3rd overall in Division 3 of the Southeastern Oklahoma State University Curriculum Contest.  Some 2,000 students from 60-plus schools throughout the region participated in the Oklahoma Inter-High School Curriculum Meet on March 30th at Southeastern Oklahoma State University.  Students competed in academic contests in such areas as art, accounting, speech, English, mathematics, foreign languages, psychology, and history.  This event dates back to 1910, when it was first held and known as the Southeastern High School Track Meet.

All the Silo students who competed placed.  Congratulations Silo students.  It’s a great day to be a Rebel!!!

Alaria Bell 9th in Anatomy & Physiology

Landon Brewer 6th in Conservation

Kyla Callahan 4th in Oklahoma History

Payci Cloyd 4th in General Business

Abby Cordell 18th in Algebra II

Kennedy Coyle 8th in Journalism

Makenzie Crawford 10th in Accounting I

Juan Flores 19th in Biology

Austin Garrison 3rd in Chemistry & 9th in World History

Audrey Gordon 1st in Trigonometry, 2nd in Anatomy & Physiology, & 7th in French II

Kincade Hise 2nd in Earth and Space Science & 5th in Chemistry

Shelby Kruger 5th in Psychology

Dean Maples 13th in World History

Colton Martin 8th in Electronics

Bradley Massey 16th in General Safety

Claire Mauck 10th in Algebra I

Ethan Murphy 14th in Algebra II

Jonathan Nelson 2nd in Integrated Productivity Software & 5th in Computer Concepts

Taija Parrott 2nd in Art- Figure Drawing I

DeLaney Phelan 3rd in Psychology, 12th in Trigonometry, & 12th in U.S. History

Ryleigh Pierce 2nd in MS Excel

John Poling 3rd in Earth and Space Science & 9th in Math Challenge

Lucille Ranney 6th in French I & 6th in Music Literature

Hayden Reeve 1st in Art – Figure Drawing II

Lucas Rezner 3rd in Conservation & 5th in MS Excel

Jaxon Richardson 11th in Music Fundamentals

Christopher Roland 15th in Computer Concepts

Cezar Salinas 2nd in Spanish II

Lilly Tumey 5th in English IV & 17th in Personal Finance

Christian Vining 8th in Accounting I, 11th in Economics, & 13th in U. S. History

Hailey Weaver 8th in Personal Finance

Brandon Weibel 10th in French I & 11th in English I

Isabella Whitlock 5th in Physical Science & 10th in English I

Sam Whitlock 2nd in General Business & 14th in Economics

Ethan Wilkerson1st in Geography & 6th in Spanish II

Kody Wilson 7th in Integrated Productivity Software & 9th in Electronics

Phil Wingfield 2nd in General Safety & 14th in Math Challenge

Emily Wright 18th in Spanish I