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Course Additions

Posted Date: 07/14/2022

Course Additions

2022-23 Course Additions


  1. DRIVERS EDUCATION—-We will be adding Driver’s Ed to the daily schedule. We will no longer offer Driver’s ed in February. We have 4 sections available. It is a 1 semester class. If your student turns 15.5 during the first semester, he/she will be in the 1st semester and Health in the 2nd semester. Vice Versa for the 2nd semester 15.5 “birthdays”


  1. We are adding a deeper level of STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math).  We are adding Project Lead the Way Aerospace Engineering and PLTW Computer Science. 


  1. Cross Country/Track—-We are moving this class to 8th pd.  Both JH and HS will be last pd of the day. 


Email me if you have interest in being in these classes.