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Online Enrollment Instructions

Posted Date: 07/14/2022

Online Enrollment Instructions

MUST HAVE A PARENT ACCOUNT  If you do not have one contact Mr Atwood or Ryan Sawyer.  Families NEW to Silo’s District will need to enroll in person on August 1st or 2nd.

---After you have the account Log in, the following steps should be followed


  2. Select Parent and/or Student Portal tab at the top of the website.  If you are on a phone or table you may have to click on the three bars at the top right hand of the page.

  3. Login and password

  4. Click “Student Records Portal”

  5. Select “Enroll Student 2023” 

         *You will have to do enrollment for each child separately

When in the portal….

  1. You MUST fill out and submit the LUNCHROOM FORM 1st.  All students in the district will be added to the lunchroom form. You only have to fill out 1 lunch form per family. BUT, each student has an individual enrollment. 

After completing the Lunchroom Form… Click “Enrollments” tab


If new student…click “Add new Student”

If returning student…..Click on your child’s “Enrollment 2023” link.


Enrollment includes 3 tabs  (if you are a returning student, review tab 1 and tab 2 and make any 


( If you are a new student, follow the below instructions for tab 1 and 2)


Tab 1 is Student info

  • Please fill out each appropriate space

  • After completing student information, click save and move to step 2

Tab 2 is Guardian info

  • Click “add guardian”

  • You can add as many contacts as you want, or as few.

  • The first Guardian added is the default guardian.  You must add a phone number and email address for the default guardian.

  • Please add a phone number for any and all contacts you add. This is how we get ahold of them if we cannot contact #1


Tab 3 is forms


1 Shot Record

2 Birth Certificate ***These will be handed to Gail in the front office.

3 Certified degree of indian blood

4 Tribal Membership


New Students start at #5 New Student Survey

Returning students start at #6 Student Enrollment Question-aire


**After completing each form, click Green Checkmark. Don’t forget to sign the form!  Then proceed to the next form.


When ALL forms are completed, click “SUBMIT TO SITE” at the top right corner.  This sends it to us for approval.