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Esports coming to Silo Schools

Posted Date: 01/05/2023

Esports coming to Silo Schools

Esports coming to Silo Schools

By Jessi Bundrant
Silo Journalism Class

Esports, or online gaming, is coming to Silo Public Schools for students 13 or older. Silo decided to start doing Esports to get kids who weren’t part of a sports team interested in something so they could be a part of an important thing for the school. 


“You get to showcase your talents and what you’re interested in,” said Jeremy Atwood, the principal of Silo High School.


Esports has been in schools since 2014, and now in 2022, Esports will be available at Silo Public Schools. The Silo Esports team will be coached by Robert Claborn. 


You can join Silo eSports as a 13-year-old, though, only those who are in 9th to 12th grade can compete in the playoffs. Middle schoolers 13 or older can play in the scrimmage weeks but cannot join the playoffs with the high schoolers due to OSSAA rules.


There are five games being played in the fall season. Rocket League and Super Smash Bros are the most popular, while League of Legends is the least popular. 


The first Silo Esports game week will start on September 27th, 2022. They have been scrimmaging up to this point. Scrimmaging is the process in which kids compete in practice games. They can practice with other people online, even people from other schools or states.


There will be two seasons. The first of the two will begin in April and it will last until May. The second season will last from late September to November. The championships will be held within these time periods. The first championship will be in December and the second in May.


There will be 150 to 200 other schools in Oklahoma participating in Esports. Esports has gained a rather large amount of popularity across the United States.