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Note from the Superintendent

Posted Date: 03/23/2020

Good Afternoon,
I wanted to give everyone an update on the latest from the State Department of Education.
1. Yesterday, in a lengthy conference call with our State Superintendent of Schools, Joy Hofmeister, she asked for each school to prepare for closure beyond April 6th extending the length of the semester and what education would look like for each of us. There is a State Board of Education meeting on the 25th that may give us more guidance in that area and may call for the extended closure at that time. With the CDC gathering ban being suggested for 8 weeks, this is a real possibility that we must all prepare for. This is not the news that we wanted to hear, but I feel that you needed to know now that this is on the table for consideration so you can prepare for child care.
2. Our staff is already preparing for how to educate your children. We realize that it will look different across the campus due to internet access and learning styles, but we will make this work. We have started now to be ready should we get the decision be made that we are not coming back.
3. Senior parents: We will still have a graduation. SOSU still would like to host our graduation and help in any way. With our graduation date being on the edge of the CDC 8 week gathering ban, we need to be realistic that the date will have to be pushed back. We will get that date out as soon as possible and get it to you. We will do our best to see that everyone graduates on time. We will be in touch with your senior after April 6th when we are allowed to start education again.
4. Prom will be effected with an extended closure as well. My feeling is to postpone, not cancel, the Prom. It may mean our original venue is not available, but we can use the school if need be. The venue won't matter by this time, the kids will just want to enjoy each other and be together,
5. At this time, we still plan to have Summer School as scheduled.
6. I do not have any new updates on the State Basketball Tournament or Spring Sports. Should we be out for the semester, we will reschedule the Sports Banquet.
7. Remember, the meal program starts on Monday. Pick up locations are
a)Silo School in horseshoe pick up by Pre K 11:30-12:30
b)Lakewood Ranchette Fire Dept. 12:00-12:30
c)Streetman Road Baptist Church 12:00-12:30
d)Cobb Community Church 12:00-12:30
If you could EMAIL A HEADCOUNT to by Sunday at 5pm, we would appreciate it. All we need is a headcount and location (4,Lakewood). No names needed. If you have a neighbor that can't respond, add them to your count. We are trying to get an idea of how much to prepare.
8. Should anyone need their child's medication from the School Nurse, she will be in her office on Tuesday. Please call and she will bring the meds out to the front of the Early Childhood Building.
As we get more facts, we will pass them on to you. Again, closure beyond April 6th is not certain, but we need to be prepared that it may be a reality we are facing. Our facilities will remain closed until further notice. We appreciate all the messages and texts volunteering to help in many ways. Right now we have been asked to keep our staff at a bare minimum to avoid contact. Know that together we will overcome the obstacles that will occur and make it though this for our kids.
It is Always a Great Day to be a REBEL!
Kate McDonald