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Silo Beta Wins Big at State Beta Convention

Posted Date: 04/08/2021

Silo Beta Wins Big at State Beta Convention




Silo Beta Club Members Participate in State Competition

National Beta members from Silo are celebrating their recent participation in the Oklahoma Senior Virtual State Convention. They were announced as winners of the following competitions:


9th grade - Sophia Talkington (2nd)

10th grade - Kayla Poling (1st)

11th grade - Kendyl Eppler (2nd)

12th grade - Halle Rowland (3rd)

Freshmen Problem Solving

Silo Team (2nd) Makayla Clark, Avery Beauchamp, Ethan Wilkerson, Evan Hammond

Language Arts

9th grade - Makayla Clark (1st)

10th grade - Audrey Gordon (1st)

12th grade - Caitlyn Hall (3rd)

Marketing and Communications

Silo Team (3rd) Audrey Gordon, Emily Farr, Sarah Dark, Kincade Hise, Blake Jones


10th grade - Sam Whitlock (2nd)

12th grade - Preston Pratt (3rd)

OnSite Art

Division 1 Painting - Taija Parrot (1st)

Division II Drawing - Hayden Reeve (1st)

Performing Arts Solo

Emily Farr (3rd)


Division 1 - Keely Blakely-McLarry (3rd)

Quiz Bowl

 Silo Team (1st) Preston Pratt, Xavier Polanco, Will Talkington, Ethan Wilkerson


9th grade - Evan Hammond (2nd)

10th grade - Kincade Hise (1st)

12th grade - Navy Wesberry (3rd)

Social Studies

9th grade - Ethan Wilkerson (1st)

10th grade - Will Talkington (1st)

11th grade - Payci Cloyd (1st)

12th grade - Xavier Polanco (1st)


9th grade - Caesar Salinas (1st)

10th grade - Delaney Phelan (2nd)

12th grade - Sarah Dark (3rd)


Division I - Claycey Rowland (3rd)

Visual Arts

Division I Drawing - Taija Parrot (2nd)

Division I Mixed Media - Taija Parrot (1st)

Division I Painting - Taija Parrot (1st)

Division I Sculpture - Taija Parrot (2nd)

Division II Drawing - Hayden Reeve (2nd)

Division II Painting - Hayden Reeve (1st)

Typically, National Beta State Conventions bring together students from across the state to compete in a variety of competitions ranging from academic and STEM-based to visual and performing arts. While State Convention, originally planned to be held in Oklahoma City, was canceled for in-person competitions due to health and safety concerns stemming from the COVID-19, members worked hard while taking online tests and preparing competition submissions for their Virtual Convention. Their victories at the state level provide the opportunity to compete at the national level. National Convention will be held at the Swan and Dolphin Resort at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida during Summer 2021. 

With more than 500,000 active members and 8,750 clubs nationally and internationally, National Beta has become the nation’s largest independent, non-profit, educational youth organization. National Beta promotes the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership among elementary and secondary school students. National Junior Beta includes grades 4-8 and National Senior Beta includes grades 9-12. Visit for more information.