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UPDATE - ASVAB CEP - Updated 11/15

Posted Date: 11/02/2021

Silo Schools will be offering the ASVAB to Juniors and Seniors on Tuesday, November 16th changed to Wednesday, January 26th.  All Juniors will take the exam, see the letter attached below. Seniors who wish to take the exam need to sign up with Mrs. Lewis.

The ASVAB CEP will help students:         

  • Learn about themselves and the world of work
  • Explore occupations within their area(s) of interest and skills
  • Develop an effective strategy to realize their career and educational goals

Students will complete a multiple aptitude test that measures developed abilities and helps predict future academic and occupational success.  This includes an interest inventory that measures work-related interests.  Finally, students have the opportunity to utilize a career catalog with occupational data and planning tools to find satisfying occupations based on their results.

For questions or concerns, contact Mrs. Lewis at (580)924-7000 or

Parent/Guardian Letter