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Durant Newspaper Article

Accreditation program to visit Silo schools
SILO — Educators representing North Central Association, an accreditation program that advances excellence in education, will visit Silo schools today and Wednesday to renew the school’s regional accreditation through the program, according to a school official.

Debra Portman, co-chair of the team compiling information for the North Central Association accreditation review, said North Central Association is designed to help involved schools increase the rigor of their classrooms and curriculum.

“It’s a self assessment, self improvement plan we make for our school,” Portman said. “We have peers come in from other schools [who] evaluate our documents and what methodologies we’re teaching. They give their ideas and input to help us continually improve.”

Portman said a group of Silo instructors have worked throughout the school year, compiling paper work and evidence that shows the school meets the higher standards specified by North Central Association. The standards set by North Central Association encompass the entirety of education, including the school’s visions and goals, the involvement of stakeholders and the school’s continuous commitment to improvement.

Portman said the accreditation program indicates Silo Schools’ devotion to education and its desire to exceed minimum state requirements in order to provide its students the most effective teaching methodologies. She said the schools involvement with the North Central Association helps distinguish its students in applying for scholarships and universities.

“Our vision statement is simply excellence and that means we strive to do the very best that we can do and that’s happening here in Silo: excellence in education,” Portman said.

Peggy Tadlock, who is also co-chair of the team compiling documents for the North Central Association accreditation review, said the community was a large factor in the school’s success.

“All of the parents and community members we’ve contacted and asked to be involved, they’ve all gladly participated,” Tadlock said. “We’ve been fortunate enough to have the community’s support.”