Town of Silo

Welcome to the Town of Silo

The Silo Town Council has their meetings on the second Tuesday of the month, with the exception of April in the odd years when they have their Council Member nominations and elections.  The Council would like to invite all citizens of the community of Silo to attend and participate in their meetings.  See what they do for YOU! 


2008- The Town Council applied and was approved for a R.E.A.P grant through S.O.D.A. for an Emergency Siren located near the Silo Baptist Church.

2008-2009- The Town Council applied and was approved for a C.D.B.G. grant through S.O.D.A. and the assistance of Bryan County District 1 Commissioner Monty Montgomery, to paved West 6th Street and to repave Oak, Hickory, and East 4th Street.  The project is due to be completed in June of '09.


 Mayor Gary Harper

Town Clerk Tonya Parr

Trustee Bill Hicks

Trustee Fred Glenn

For questions or concerns, please contact the mayor at (580)931-9838.