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Mayonnaise Lice treatment


Major benefits of Mayonnaise Shampoo
1.     This method of action is assumed to be asphyxiation.
2.      Your patients will be louse-free and conditioned in one process.
3.      Is easy, safe, and inexpensive.
4.      Nits seem to come off easily after a mayonnaise shampoo.
Instructions for Shampooing
1.     Use only 100% real mayonnaise, not light, low-fat, fat-free, or even salad dressing like Miracle Whip. (It doesn’t have to be an expensive brand and is covered by food stamps.)
2.     Apply generously to hair, making sure that every hair and the scalp is covered with plenty of mayonnaise.
3.     Cover the hair with plastic wrap or a shower cap for at least 2 ½ hours. (may leave on overnight)
4.     Rinse out with warm water and shampoo. (Washes out with ease and leaves hair shiny, healthy, and louse free)
5.     Pick out all nits from the scalp before coming back to school.