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Edana Holman

Welcome to my online classroom.

Holman Syllabus 



  • Identify different genres (realistic fiction, historical fiction, nonfiction, etc.)

  • Summarize a stories plot, setting and characters and be able to respond to issues of literature as well as facts or story events

  • Use technology by using pull-down menus, icons, etc. for a resource to locate and sort information

  • Gather information from graphs, charts, tables and maps


  • Know basic addition and subtraction including regrouping; learn multiplication facts to five and begin division

  • Understand place value & number patterns

  • Multiply up to three-digit numbers and divide by two digits

  • Understand the relative values of whol numbers, fractions and decimals

  • Create and compute fractions and decimals

  • Estimate while working with quantities, measuring and problem solving; use technology to explore math concepts

  • Understand and apply the concepts of measureing and determining the area of 2-dimensional shapes

  • Construct and compare two and three dimensional figures using relationships in shape, line and points; use congruence, similarity and symmetry

  • Apply a variety of problem solving strategies and explain answers verbally, pictorially and in writing

  • Estimate when working with quantities, measuring, problem solving and real life situations; use mental math and use patterns to solve problems

  • Develop a spatial sense of geometric shapes and draw conclusions to solve problems; record and chart results

  • Apply problem solving strategies in the solution of realistic and unusual problems in math and other curriculum

  • Use technology to solve problems; explain answer verbally, pictorially and in writing

  • Reinforce basic computation skills

  • Create and compute fractions, decimals and percents

  • Add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions

Date: 2020-2021


  • Write in complete sentences and write with a icentral idea organized in a logical sequence using some descriptive words; use technology to write

  • Revise own work by adding description and detail and edit work for punctuation, spelling and grammar; set goals

  • Write legibly moving beyond phonetic spelling toward conventional spelling

  • Write with clear beginning, middle and end as well as use paragraphs to organize ideas using a variety of sentence forms

  • and lengths; begin using dialogue and interesting language

  • Read, summarize and analyze own writing and begin to improve writing from critiques

  • Use technology to produce written work and revise to enhance detail and description as well as edit for punctuation, spelling and grammar

  • Accurately spell common misspelled words and correctly use basic punctuation


Student grades are posted during the week on the gradebook portal ( Contact the high school office if you need a password/username.

Homework:        10%

Daily Grade:        25%

Participation:     25%

Test/Quiz:          25%

Distance Lrng.:  10%


Parents, next Friday (August 21st) is our first “distance learning day.” Teachers will post assignments for distance learning day at the beginning of the week (every other Friday), so students can complete them at school if they have free time. Note, we will work on these assignments in my class during the week to gain confidence, then we will gradually begin completing , with modifications as needed.  The school will also be open from 8-12 on every other  Friday for students who did not complete any assignments, need computer access, and/or a safe and quiet space to do these assignments. Our online setup is already different from last year, in that all online assignments can be accessed from one portal, Clever. We hope this simplifies and streamlines the process. 

Distant Learning Fridays

August 21.                             September 18.                        October 2 & 23.

November 6 & 20.                December 11.                          January 15 & 29.

February 12 & 26.                 March 12.                                 April 2, 16, & 30.

May 7


Conference Hour:  11:00-11:40 Monday - Thursday

Phone:  580-924-7000 x 1249

After 4:00 :  580-380-6714



In the unfortunate event we have to switch over to a distance learning plan be aware I will have folders with student work inside.  The student’s name is on the front and instructions are located inside.  If they need help with any assignments please have them call or text at number above.  If you wish to have the folder on hand at home contact me and we can make arrangements.  

Edana Holman

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