Box Tops



 Box Tops for Education

School funding with no strings attached!

       It's as easy as l, 2, 3!



 1. Clip

    a. Silo school supporters clip BOX TOPS from hundreds of participating products and    

        bring them to the Elementary.  Each BOX TOP is worth a dime!  Turn in to your child's teachers.

     b. Twice a year we get a check for the Box Tops coupons.

2. Marketplace

   a.  Silo school supporters go to and register to support your school.

     b.  When shopping online, simply go the Box Tops for Education home page and click on

          the  "Marketplace" tab.

     c.  We automatically earn cash up to 8% of your total purchase, included in our twice-yearly

          earnings check.

3.  Bonus Box Tops

    a. Find chances to earn and win Bonus Box Tops at  Plus, look for Bonus Box

          Tops promotions wherever you buy groceries.

Earnings add up fast!

We have already purchased playground equipment in the past years. This year we purchased a flat screen television, which is up and running!  Stop in and take a look at what's happening in the Elementary!


For more box top information click here